Bear in the Air

Aerial Media

Ross is a professional drone pilot providing an aerial platform for anyone who requires an eye in the sky for any situation.  Photography and videography for uses such as websites, weddings, Airbnb profiles, roof surveys, and building inspections, for personal use or business. The myriad uses for this equipment really are endless, in fact, the sky is the limit.


Home Photography


Are you in love with your home? A picture or canvas is perfect to hang on your wall. The extremely high resolution images can be expanded or 'blown up' to create a timeless masterpiece.


Airbnb? Or Selling Your Property?

Give your property some pop by adding an aerial image or even a short video. All can be achieved by Bear in the Air.


Roof and Building Surveys

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Working in partnership with Premier Builders. We can survey buildings, roofs and any other structure that is difficult to access. Or you may be a builder/roofer that would find this useful for pricing jobs or evaluating damage/repair.


Website Images and video footage


A unique aerial photograph or professional video clip will set your website apart from all the rest.


Weddings & Events

You may be getting married, or even hosting an outdoor event that would look great from above. Or you might even be a wedding photographer/videographer that has been asked to provide some aerial photos or videos to add an extra dimension or sprinkling of magic to your special day. In any case The Bear in the Air can facilitate.




The Mavic 2 Pro fully equipped with the legendary Hasselblad L1D-20C camera is quite simply phenomenal. DJI is the world leader in civilian drones and Hasselblad are world leaders in high quality professional cameras. So it will come as no surprise that a combination of the two produces the highest quality 20mp images and 4K footage to equal that of professional film makers.


As part of my resettlement package when leaving the military I studied photography and videography at Plymouth College in 2017-2018. 

I have a full PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) as issued by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)


This allows me to carry out drone work legally for commercial use i.e. any paid work. It also entitles me to operate in congested areas and at organised open air events.

What is a PfCO?

A PfCO is essentially a drone ‘license’. License is in inverted commas because it’s not actually a license, it’s a permission. UK permissions are granted through partaking in a CAA drone training course from a CAA approved trainer. Once you’ve partaken in the training, you will then need to complete both a practical and theory test to be granted your ‘license’.

The PfCO allows a drone operator to use a small, unmanned aircraft. This UAV must weigh under 20KG and can be used for commercial projects. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the drone for imaging or as part of a wider area of work for a client or company, you will still need a license.